Shout Your Trap Off!!



Focused, sustained brand visibility for sporting and public events, concerts and festivals and televised events.

As you can see, Megacone is pretty self-explanatory and the benefits to sponsors are immense.

cropped-Blur1sml.jpgFirstly, the outside is a highly visible, brandable medium that can be easily picked up on by commentators and television. Also, as they are assembled by the user, the inside of the megacone offers a unique area for sponsors to communicate directly with the fans. They are a high profile, quick and well priced, eco-friendly option for clubs and sponsors. As they are made in the UK, the turn around is very quick.

Hand MegaconeFor the fans and spectators, Megacone is a great way to get behind your team and add to the atmosphere. They are easy to assemble and very comfortable to use, especially with the unique fringe that protects the mouth. Above all, they’re fun and of course, they just make you want to ‘Shout Your Trap Off!!’

The Good Stuff

Communication: The inside of the Megacone can be utilised by clients or sponsors for incentives / vouchers for specific events or as follow up marketing

Comfort: Megacone has a specially designed fringe to cushion the user’s mouth and lips.

Made in the UK for a fast turn around  – Delivery included to a UK address.

Sensibly priced – incredible value for money. 

Fully biodegradable and recyclable – Printed with non toxic, vegetable based inks.

But above all – they’re FUN!


















Glasto Gal












Patent Pending. Registered Design No: 4029791. CRD: 002255265-0001.